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Okrug Gornji - OKG-BAR
Accommodation name: OKG-BAR
Location: Okrug Gornji
Sea distance: 20 m (cca)
Distance from town: 2 k m (cca)

Price from: 80.00 €

Mastrinka - MAS-BOZ
Accommodation name: MAS-BOZ
Location: Mastrinka
Sea distance: 30 m (cca)
Distance from town: 3 k m (cca)

Price from: 70.00 €

Trogir - TRO-SKA
Accommodation name: TRO-SKA
Location: Trogir
Sea distance: 20 m (cca)
Distance from town: / m (cca)

Price from: 55.00 €

Okrug Gornji - BUS-CUR-1
Accommodation name: BUS-CUR-1
Location: Okrug Gornji
Sea distance: 180 m (cca)
Distance from town: 3 k m (cca)

Price from: 85.00 €

Trogir - TRO-HRA
Accommodation name: TRO-HRA
Location: Trogir
Sea distance: 60 m (cca)
Distance from town: 500 m (cca)

Price from: 45.00 €

Trogir - TRO-MLA
Accommodation name: TRO-MLA
Location: Trogir
Sea distance: 200 m (cca)
Distance from town: 250 m (cca)

Price from: 70.00 €

Slatine - SLA-BLA
Accommodation name: SLA-BLA
Location: Slatine
Sea distance: 80 m (cca)
Distance from town: 5 k m (cca)

Price from: 40.00 €

Trogir - TRO-BIL-2
Accommodation name: TRO-BIL-2
Location: Trogir
Sea distance: 10 m (cca)
Distance from town: 150 m (cca)

Price from: 55.00 €

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